Software Engineer

Motivated by solving problems, challenges and innovation, fond of new technologies. Interested in learning about how the world works, I spend a lot of time reading about history, physics, and the human behaviour. In my free time I play board games, drink beers, practice mountain hiking, play soccer, work out and experiment with technology.

IT interests/skills: Distributed systems, blockchain technology, software architecture, Golang, automated testing, Python, large-scale systems, Cloud computing, and automation.

Active learner

The best way to learn is to practice. That's why I built tens of weekend projects and participated in hackathons to try out technologies and concepts, or to bring ideas to life.

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Passionate reader

I read about history, science, technology, the human mind, but also biographies and novels. My favorites include 1984, Sapiens, the Origin of Species, East of Eden, and The World of Yesterday.

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Technology enthusiast

Proactive learning and technology watch is of utmost importance in tech; that's why I am subscribed to newsletters, blogs, Twitter accounts and spend several hours a week reading about tech. I take part in Meetups and love to share my knowledge.



All my open-source repositories and projects can be found on my GitHub profile.


I am actively participating in the Open Source community in Montpellier, Manchester and more recently Sydney, and have had the chance to give talks at several places and occasions.

10+ talks: about Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, Jenkins, C# Best Practices, Code quality, Docker, NoSQL, Source control and some internal applications live demos and presentations.

Gerflor, the flooring group 
International flooring group

Won the Blockchain Hackathon: Unleashing the creativity at LinuxONE scale with AlphaBets, a sports betting application running on HyperLedger Fabric and LinuxONE. 80 teams of 5 participants.

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IBM Montpellier
Client Center

Won the 2018 EPSI Hackathon that had a focus on emerging technologies with Securify, an external authentication application using facial recognition we made available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. 80 teams of 4.

Computer Science Engineering School

IELTS (International English Language Testing System) score of 8.5 out of 9.

English language testing system

Google certified: Associate Cloud Engineer (February 2020).

Google Cloud 
Google Cloud
Cloud provider

Valedictorian of my promotion (development major).

EPSI Montpellier
Computer Science Engineering School


Board games

With friends, we often play board and card games. Some of my favorite games are Dominion, Star Realms, Time’s Up and Cards against Humanity.

Bars & restaurants

I love to go out and enjoy a meal or a drink. I like French cuisine, sushi, ramen, Thaï food, Vietnamese food. I am also fond of full English breakfasts!


I’ve always played collective sports, both competitively and for fun: football, baseball, US football… I am playing in a competitive Futsal team.

Blockchain & cryptocurrencies

I am interested in the blockchain technology. I am able to build applications running on the Ethereum blockchain using Solidity to build smart contracts and web3.js to connect front-end applications to the Ethereum network.


I love discovering new regions, countries, cultures, languages and food. That’s why I visited several cities in France, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, the UK and the USA. I also moved from France to the UK, and from the UK to Australia.

Mountain hiking & walks

I need the sun and fresh air. I’ve been mountain hiking with my family since I was young. Discovering new places by walking around is one of my favourite hobbies.


News, articles, videos I appear in.


“Die Grenzen meiner Sprache bedeuten die Grenzen meiner Welt.” [The limits of my language are the limits of my world.] ― Ludwig Wittgenstein

Best at

Go, Python, JavaScript, Solidity, C#, French, English

Also known

Java, HTML, CSS, Spanish


Rust, Russian

Want to learn

Scala, Flutter, Web Assembly, Portuguese


My current and previous roles and employers.

Flurosat's logo: green satellite with two white leaves


Software Engineer

During my contract with Gerflor, I spent 6 month in their British subsidiary, working on data and web applications.

Started in September 2019.

Gradus' logo: white on grey capital G letter

Gradus (Gerflor group)

Software Engineer

During my contract with Gerflor, I spent 6 month in their British subsidiary, working on data and web applications.

6 months.

Gerflor's logo: dark blue capital G letter


Software Engineer

Conceived, built, deployed and maintained software in various languages and frameworks. Setup the CI, automatic testing and multiple deployment environments. 3 years.

VehiZen's logo: IoT car


Web Developer

Conceived and developed a messaging application and some UI components in jQuery, C# and HTML / CSS, using Microsoft Azure.

2 times 2 month summer jobs.

COM3D's logo: 3D 'play' button


Unity3D Developer

Conceived and developed an iOS dice game with C# and Unity3D. First and only time developing games and building 3D applications.

2 months internship.

Oktalogic's logo: chip connections


Web Developer

Redesigned and built some back-office applications in C#, Silverlight and ASP.Net MVC. First steps with Object Oriented.

2 months internship.

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